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      About us

      Zouping Jiazhili CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a high-tech state-owned holding company under Shandong Liangzou Mining Group. The company's products are reorganized and upgraded in accordance with international and domestic industry standards on the basis of "Xinankai" brand CNC slitting machine tools. . The company has always been committed to the professional R&D, fine manufacturing, market application and after-sales service of CNC slitting machine tools. The products are guided by Korean advanced technology. After more than ten years of continuous efforts and innovation, it has now formed six series of seven specifications CNC slitting machine tools, products are widely used in automotive, electronics, communications, medical, aviation, hydraulics, hardware and other industries, suitable for large-volume, high-precision, complex small and medium-sized parts turning and milling combined processing.

      The company’s products are modular in design, which can be connected to external devices such as automatic feeding, automatic feeding, extended cutting tools, high pressure, etc. The maximum clamping bar diameter is Φ38mm. The main functional components are imported from well-known brands, and the products have high rigidity and high stability. Sexual features can meet the processing needs of users with different specifications to the greatest extent.

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      Core advantage

      • companyPowerful

        Have a professional R & D team to provide advanced technical support

        the introduction of advanced production equipment and scientific management to ensure the quality of the products.

        Years of experience absorbeddevelopment

        The company has accumulated many years of manufacturing experience and advanced production technology. It has been concentrating on the development and manufacture of vacuum acquired equipment for many years. A variety of industry problem solutions have been developed.

      • innovateDevelopment Application tracking

        The company's professional R & D team regularly tracks the actual sales of the company's products, and conducts product innovation research and development according to the actual use of various customers, meeting the needs of all kinds of customers, and maximizing the actual use performance of the products.

        Professionalservice Use reassuring

        Win value by quality, win customers by service

        For many domestic and foreign brands equipped with technical engineers, perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales professional service system;


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